Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dishevelled dogs return from their morning walk

We actually had some clouds this morning which enabled us to do a couple of hours work outside before it got too hot. Digby is feeling very sorry for himself with his sore paw and the after effects of the injection. However, his usual 'I've never been fed in my life give me a rice cake' routine is cutting no ice and he is on half rations and zero treats in an attempt to reduce his weight.The problem is that with his sore paw he is barely ambulatory and I can't see him getting much stomach flattening exercise until it's healed up. Suggestions on dieting techniques greatfully received!

The ninth day in a row with the newspapers in the UK exposing the crass venality of our elected politicians. Yet another Member of Parliament has been exposed for claiming for a non-existent mortgage. The whole affair is banal but has generated a widespread anger with the ruling 'elite' that I've not witnessed before - a bit like Tom DeLay and the 2006 (or was it 2007?) Congress. The gravy train attitude of many politicians seems to have aroused the ire of a nation that believes that it is basically unfair for MP's to be living the high life while many of their fellow citizens are facing penury in the recession. I only hope frustration with the existing parties doen't allow the extremist organizations to do well at the polls for the European Parliament in June - once they get 10% of the vote under proportional representation they are eligible for state funding.

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