Monday, 25 May 2009

We're back from Oxford, the boyz are back from the kennels,it's nearly ten at night and it's still 35 degrees !

At the weekend we went back to the UK for a wedding of an old friend. The weather in Oxford was perfect and the town was full of American tourists wondering why the Brits compain about the weather.While we were away the temperatures here in Umbria got to 38 degrees - that's 100 or so in old money. We picked the two boyz up from the kennels on our way back from Rome airport - they are not happy with this heat. They are currently sitting out under the trees munching on ice cubes and displaying a cool indifference to the family that deserted them.Canine disdain!
Coming down the drive I notice that the weirdest plants I've ever seen have sprouted all over our newly laid grass. Will post more tomorrow - it's too hot to blog.

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