Friday, 1 May 2009

The Polish Lowland Sheepdogs perfect morning

It's going to get up to the mid-20's today for the 1st of May national holiday. The combination of sun,heat and holiday will ensure that every car in the country will be on the roads en route to the sea, mountains or family. For our part the only travelling we shall be doing is up to the local village for the annual blessing of the tractors and farm implements. The bishop is coming from Foligno for the great occassion and the village square has been swept spotless and decorated with a plethora of red geraniums. When we first arrived my Calvinist outlook found the religious blessing of the tractors to be decidedly odd - having lived here for three years I now see it as part of a routine that has gone on in one guise or another for millenia and links and reveres all parts of the villages life.It's also a great excuse for a party and a glass ,or two, of wine.
The two boyz are lying outside under the pine trees soaking up some early morning rays after a long walk in the country . How wonderful to have a life that has two major settings - on and off !
The loss adjuster came along yesterday from the insurance company - all in all a rather dampening experience. It seems that we should have saved and documented every receipt for every purchase we've made over the last 35 years. Sadly,neither of us is ,or wishes to be, that organised. Late last night the Carabinieri popped in for what might best be described as a friendly little chat to make sure that we were both getting on just fine. The view of policing here is not only to catch burglars but also to make sure that the victims know that they are being looked out for. Italy and its bureaucracy can drive you mad but it also compensates in a myriad of human, heartfelt ways.

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