Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wilf's old tummy problem returns

After eight years of careful monitoring of what he eats we're still not sure what causes Wilfs bad stomach problems. He's always had a sensitive tummy but sometimes this translates into really bad attacks of colitis with what might politely be refered to as 'digestive disorders'. We were up at two this morning dealing with both ends of these disorders . Anyway, he's enjoyed a walk this morning , the echoing rumbling noises emanating from his stomach have calmed down and although a little green at the gills he appears to be improving.The problem seems to recur periodically about every three weeks.

Here in the village the local hotel owner is getting worried. He has added on twenty new rooms for the coming season and had a very succesful three days for the Italian May Day national holiday.Looking out for the coming summer the pre-bookings from foreigners simply haven't appeared. No Americans, no Dutch, no Belgians, no Brits and no Germans.I've tried to reassure him that people in the north are probably waiting until after mid-May to decide where they want to go and will be on the phone making reservations as soon as the warm weather reminds them its time to start planning their vacations . I hope I'm right.

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Mason Dixie said...

Hope you are feeling better and stay away from what ever is causing your tummy to hurt. Good luck to the Hotel keeper.