Sunday, 31 May 2009


Its overcast today. After the heatwave the clouds and breeze are a welcome change. The boyz are definitely enjoying the cooler weather and were to be found out on the gravel drive bright and early for their morning charge into the fields. Digby's hip is getting decidely stiffer the older he gets - hip dysplasia is a characteristic of the breed -so we have to try to stop him from over exercising. His big brother has no problems with his hips and would bound around all day if given the chance.
Today is a day for doing all the things that we were supposed to do but put off because of the heat. It's now getting time to plant sunflowers in the fields next to the house. I'm in two minds about them. They certainly look very Italian when there are acres of them to look at. The downside is that acres of bright yellow flowers can become quite tedious in the bright sun and you end up yearning for something cool to look at.


Persephone and Buster said...

wow...what an interesting change...scotland to italy!! anyhow your little guys are very cute, glad we got to see your blog.
come on over for a visit!
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue
the 3 kerry blues

Tricia said...

I do feel sorry for Digby with his painful hip ... our much-loved Border Collie had hip displaysia and also suffered with arthritis as he got older, so we put him on Previcox - it kept him pain free and very mobile until he was 12. My brother's Border Collie is still going (at 14) and his enjoyment of life is very much enhanced after he started taking Previcox - just a thought!


PS Very much enjoy reading your blog - came across it by chance about 3 weeks ago. We've just started building about 5 kms west of Todi - looking forward to the 'challenges' we will encounter ;-)