Friday, 9 January 2009

The back of the car - a health hazard?

Italians take great pride in keeping their cars spotless. The car wash in the local town is busy every day at all hours with proud (male) owners buffing their vehicles to a pristine shine. They even have machines for washing the rubber mats that fit in the foot wells. Then in stark contrast there is our car - the back of which can best be described as having been given over in its entirety to the boyz. It contains a dog bed covered by a variety of blankets and towels, soft toys, assorted balls and all those things that dog owners need when far from home. On a good day it's a nice dry environment and on a wet day it has more than a passing hint of wet dog and whatever odour is exuded by the wildlife or fauna the boyz might have discovered on their romps.
Digby clearly views the back of the car as his den and is forever stowing away goodies for a later date, these turn up whenever their bedding needs to be taken out and washed. Although two of the the rear seats have been taken out Digby loves to sit on the remaining central cushion from where he can see everything that is going on and lord it over his big brother.It's a bit like having a back seat driver looking over your shoulder. We have been thinking of buying a new dog car (the second, human only car even though it's a 4x4 is too fancy for the dogs to be allowed into) but are wondering whether we would be better off just driving this one into the ground. It will have done 100,000 kilometres in a couple of months time which seems a lot to me - especially as it's just over two years old. I also have to wonder if there is any industrial cleaning product strong enough to deal with two years of wear and tear from Wilf and Digby and their occasional canine friend.

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