Thursday, 8 January 2009

A months worth of weather in a day - rain, sun, mist, and snow.

It's been a day of extremely changeable weather. We've run the gamut from spring sunshine to Siberian blizzard. Last night there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the moon was shining off the clouds that had formed in the valleys below us - it was so bright I got up thinking someone had left the lights on in the garden. To see Todi lit by the moonlight and floating in a white sea of cloud was quite, quite magical. It has now turned bitterly cold with a biting wind from the north - even the boyz have had enough and have retreated to a warm spot inside the house. We have been going round wrapped up in layers of clothing and doing a passable imitation of the Michelin man and have now locked ourselves in for the night. All of Europe seems to be suffering from this bitter cold - French friends who view our decision to live in Italy with thinly veiled derision have been inundated with snow on the Riviera!

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