Saturday, 31 January 2009

To Montefalco. Sunglass weather returns.

Montefalco is the sort of town lovers of Italy would like to spend a month in. Its basic industries revolve around twenty or so wineries and a couple of factories that still produce upmarket linens on hand looms. The town boasts a church with world class medieval frescoes, half a dozen reasonable restaurants, one decent hotel, and above all an unspoilt environment that can't have changed much in three hundred years. A visit to a town like Montefalco raises one of the questions about where to live in Italy? Tuscany or Umbria, town or country ? Tuscany undoubtedly has more treasures but Umbria has far fewer tourists and an authenticity that has been lost in its bigger and more popular neighbour.
The weather today was undoubtedly the first day of spring and the first day in months that sunglasses were essential. I always feel a bit self concious wearing sunglasses in January - it's a bit Rodeo Drive - but the sun here, even in winter can be very direct.

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