Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs : The mature dog

The boyz hopefully have a fulfilled,happy life chasing the local wildlife to their hearts content and exploring the olive encircled boundaries of their new outdoor existence here in Italy. However, there is no escaping the fact that they will be 8 years old in May and their behaviour is slowly changing from that of the eternal puppy to that of the older dog. They now sleep much more than they used to,and the whizzing little bundles of fur that only recently were in perpetual motion are now quite content to lock in an hour or two of quality dozing in mid-morning and again in the late afternoon. Even the arrival of the post lady which once caused a near pandemonium of scratching at the door and howling is now greeted with rarely more than a warning bark .Joints and muscles that used to be supple and tireless are now prone to stiffness. One very useful supplement in dealing with the onset of older age has been the Dorwest Herbs glucosamine tablets - a half tablet at lunch and dinner has kept them both free of arthritis and kept Digby's early signs of hip dysplasia from developing.Dorwest also does a marvellous garlic tablet which defends against minor illnesses - neither of the boyz has ever picked up anything when in the kennels so it seems to act as an excellent prophylactic and keeps them secure as they segue into advanced age.

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