Sunday, 4 January 2009

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs outside in a gale

The strong winds from the Alps have been bringing fierce bitterly cold gusts down into Tuscany and Umbria. The air is azure blue, the sun is shining but January in Umbria can be bitterly cold - it fell to a shocking minus three today. Protected by thick double layer woollen coats the boyz take the arctic conditions in theirs stride. As can be seen, Wilf's fur becomes decidedly unaerodynamic in the strong wind while Digby's coat is flattened by the force of the breeze so that he adopts a rather svelte look. This afternoon they went for an hours walk across the fields- rushing out with gusto and then sauntering home so as to enjoy every scent and smell quite oblivious to the cold and the ice on the puddles. They have just had to have their paws and legs washed to remove large clods of thick clay that had worked its way into their fur.

Wilf and Digby like all Polish Lowland Sheepdogs love food. In order top keep their waist lines trim as they enter middle age we have found that rice cakes or Ryvitas provide excellent low fat,low protein treats. Washing and grooming becomes much easier if there is a treat to be had at the end of it.

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Pancake Queen said...

Both Wilf and Digby are cute!