Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Digby patiently waiting for his morning saunter.

Crisp start to the morning with blue skies and visibility that goes for miles. We were all out of the house by ten to seven for our usual mad dash up the hill and then gentle amble back down. Digby's hip is not as strong as it should be and he gets tired quickly but we don't want to have him operated on. The papers here are leading with the worsening diplomatic row between Brazil and Italy over Brazil's refusal to deport a convicted murderer. Italy has now withdrawn its ambassador. The radio presenter also mentioned that the latest forecasts indicate that Italy's GDP will decline by 2.1% this year ( they wish ) and that David Beckham has never been happier than when playing for AC Milan. The Ryanair flight to Perugia is on time so the boyz and family should be reunited by noon.

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