Saturday, 24 January 2009

Senior dogs enjoy a quick nap after the morning walk

Stunning red sky this morning - probably a sign that more bad weather is coming down from the north. This has been a miserable winter - much wetter , windier and colder than usual. None of this has put off the boyz who seem to become more enthused about life the muddier it is outside.

We gave them their worming tablets last night.I hate doing it as the chemicals clearly are powerful and upset their stomachs but the alternative is even less appealing. If I could find a natural remedy for worming that really worked I would switch to it in an instant. Digby is as right as rain this morning but Wilfy is off his food and keen to have a long post walk rest. He's settled down in front of the door so that he can monitor all movements in and out of the house - a very hard wired sheepdog trait to herd his family.

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