Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Todi on a windy Tuesday morning in January.

A quick trip into town this morning before we settle down to watch the inauguration on CNN. Before we left there were already people beginning to gather on the Mall and by now it looks as if it's going to be packed solid all the way from the Capitol to the Washington Monument. What a joy to see participatory democracy flourishing despite the cynics.
Todi was deserted.One of the oddities of Italian towns is that every parking space can be filled but there are never any pedestrians in sight. In the main square they are demolishing the Christmas garden and there is now a large unsightly pile of brown earth heaped up in front of the cathedral. This square is one of the most perfect renaissance squares in Europe but is devoid of life - the town needs a good small boutique hotel with a quality restaurant and wine bar attached- then the tourists would come. At its highest point Todi has a church with the most perfect accoustics. This would be an ideal venue for concerts but for some reason it is rarely ever used.

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