Sunday, 18 January 2009

On the look out for porcupines

Just back from a bracing walk. Wilf as always charged ahead in a frenzy of delight and expectation while Digby sauntered gently along behind - the chances of the little one staying at home with his sore leg were exactly zero. He was going to join his big brother come hell or high water and we weren't going to stop him. The presence of Digby and his sore leg on the walk meant coming to a halt with Wilf every hundred yards and then waiting while his brother caught up.What should have taken twenty minutes took forty five this morning.

Thankfully,the Rimadyl anti-inflammatory tablets work quickly and have no side effects so Digby's leg should be back to normal within a few days . He does however get tired quickly. Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are prone to hip problems and I fear that Digby is getting to an age where sore legs and hind quarters are likely to become more frequent.

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