Friday, 30 January 2009

The view of Todi tonight, a scene in the supermarket and Wilf with a new toy.

There's a definite sense that winter is coming to an end and spring is on the way. In the car earlier today it actually got uncomfortably hot with the sun beating down. Although it's clouded over a bit tonight the day was beautiful with blue skies and the softest of breezes and I was able to work in the fields trimming the trees without dressing like the Michelin man.
We had a sense of humour failure in out local Conad supermarket this morning. Anyone who lives in Italy will attest to the fact that it is a technophobic country. This aversion to technology is part of the charm of living here but once a month or so the antiquated systems and lack of a service ethic combine to give you a 'black dog day' . At the supermarket check-out the cashier swiped card after card through the reader as we came to pay. Not one of the cards would work as the telephone link to the bank was 'down' - the cause ? One of the other staff was using the land line dedicated to credit card purchases to make a personal call . As a result we were told to return later. My remonstration that my purchase should take priority over someones social life was met with a shrug of the shoulders and a muttered deprecation about foreigners. When I asked to speak to the manager I was told he wasn't there. We had to get back in the car and do all the shopping over again. This time I'm glad to say there were no problems and the charge went winging through.
The boyz have been happily sitting in the fields watching me at work with a saw and barking at the neighbouring farmers dogs.They were brought back an indestructible toy in the form of a small soft fluffy animal from Harrods as a special treat ( see earlier post ) and at the moment are sitting at the front door chewing away at it.

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