Thursday, 29 January 2009

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs explore the shopping bag

It was this time last year. I'd been out to the supermarket and bought a hot roast chicken, some fresh pasta and a fruit tart for dinner. Just as I got to the front door I heard the phone ringing so without thinking hastily put down the shopping bag on the step, got out my keys and rushed through the door to answer the call. Five minutes into the conversation I suddenly became aware of that total,all embracing 'silence' ,only dog owners can know. Rapidly finishing the call to my lawyer in London I went outside to find two guilty looking Polish Lowland Sheepdogs surrounded by torn wrappers,pieces of chicken skin, slivers of tagliatelli and the remnants of the fruit tart. While I had rushed to answer the phone the two little angels had managed to detect the roast chicken and other goodies, tip over the bag, extract the food from the wrappers and devour just about everything. All this within the space of a few minutes. Polish Lowland Sheepdog owners be warned - beyond that cute exterior lies an animal devoted to the pursuit of mischief and the devouring of food. Despite my worries about them eating cooked chicken bones they both turned out to have no side effects apart from a lack of appetite that evening at dinner time and a somewhat bloated look the next day. This breed is great fun,family centric and highly companionable, but also extremely intelligent and capable of irrepressible naughtiness if not monitored closely.

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