Friday, 9 January 2009

A new hotel in DC with an English restaurant!

On the back page of today's International Herald Tribune there is a review of a new hotel in Washington DC. The part that leapt out of the page at me was the hotels signature ' Todd's English restaurant '. I'm willing to accept that you can eat well in the UK these days but what would you have on the menu in an English restaurant? After Fish and Chips, Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding and Sausage and Mash the list of English dishes starts to run out.

The great thing about Italy is that it is hard to eat badly. In France you can eat superbly well but you can also get the opposite extreme. The worst meal I ever had was in a fish restaurant in Brittany where the supposedly fresh trout still hadn't thawed out when it was put in front of me. In Italy the number of two start Michelin restaurants is limited but even the Autogrills on the motorway use fresh ingredients and have a choice that travellers in the UK can only dream of.

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Petey said...

Oh dear, they got the punctuation wrong! It should have been Todd English's restaurant. He is a very well-known (and quite rakishly handsome) chef in Boston who is now becoming a nationally recognized chef. And not of English food but — pause — Italian!