Thursday, 10 September 2009

2000 year old builders receipts!

The blogger gremlin has returned. Could it be anything to do with the number of posts and the amount of memory allocated?
Had a wonderful day with the two boyz yesterday after our adventure with the swallows. As I worked on the lavender they lay in the long grass 'guarding' me.The end result was that Wilf and Digby missed out on their usual two hours doze in the morning and three hour doze in the afternoon. To our surprise the two of them took themselves off upstairs to bed promptly at nine last night . One minute they were sitting beside us, the next they were on their respective beds oblivious to everything. They didn't even stir when we came up at midnight - sleeping solidly for nine hours without moving an inch. Oh the joys of middle age dogs - so much easier to live with than puppies!
The 'font' spent yesterday at the comune trying to obtain a permit showing that the house had been constructed before 1967 - this is needed for some arcane zoning ordnance. The fact that the tower has been here for two thousand years doesn't seem to impress the bureaucrats who are demanding builders receipts. The 'font' decided the best thing to do in face of this idiocy was to adopt a cheerful demeanour and etch a permanent rictus grin on the face. Better to look simple with the permanent happy face than angry . Like Prince Charles we usually wait until seven for an evening tincture but last night the bottle was open immediately after the 'fonts' return from dealing with the wonderful people at the permits office.
I'm off to London today to see lawyers and accountants ahead of the next stage of our journey. I'm hoping that it won't be too cold. Back tomorrow late so there may or may not be a post dependign on whether I can get the little Sony to combine Italian and British systems.


MAX said...

Oh Angus
Your post is so filled with innuendoes and conceiled plans. We are immensely curious! (I've always had a problem with delayed gratification.)
Oh Well. Have a safe journey. Come back inspired and ready for an adventure.
Lots of licks

Winchester whisperer said...

Are the laws more straightforward in Spain?

kks said...

sure, i'll just run home and find the building receipt.....funny story, and such cute pics of the boys...i agree with middle age dogs, but pups can be so much fun...:)
have a safe trip!

shane rocket said...

safe travels...

Angus said...

Max - delayed gratification is character building

WW - Probably about equal

KKS - More fun on the recipt story next week

SR - Grazie