Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Happy Squad

15 degrees this morning - we're wearing sweaters and socks and generally feeling stunned that autumn has decided to attack head on rather than creep in gently. By contrast the boyz are loving it. On the morning walk they stormed on ahead , heads held high , sniffing the clear air with a sense of canine purpose, pausing occasionally and rather irritatedly for me to catch up. They don't just like this weather they were made for it .Late into the night they were to be found sitting in the middle of the lawn, head on into the wind, long ears streaming out behind them. Bliss.
If we think it'getting cold then the villagers can be counted on to think we've descended into a new ice age. In the bar this morning the usual faces sat glumly swathed in scarves and thick padded jackets clutching their warm coffee cups between 'frozen' fingers. A decidedly unhappy and morose crowd . When we lived up by the castle in Edinburgh it was easy to spot visiting Italians.They would wander around the city at the height of summer like Michelin men, layered in every piece of clothing they could lay their hands on. Having left the heat of Milan or Rome in August in search of cooler weather they would quickly discover that what is 'cool' for a Scot is positively glacial for someone hailing from more temperate climes. You would catch school parties at the airport desperately opening their bags at the luggage carrousel and adding more and more clothing in a fruitless attempt to keep warm.
We face a hectic day now that the lethargy of summer has gone. The last of the lavender needs to be trimmed and bundled, the vine that covers the old tower needs to brought back under some semblance of control,and the equipment for next months olive harvest checked, repaired and where necessary replaced. The wood for the fires needs to be sorted and stored and a new 1.8 metre high security fence erected around the 'bombola' - the latest regulation dreamt up by the bureaucracy and only implemented by law abiding foreigners .The 'font' is off for a visit to the back specialist combining the trip with a side journey to the MINI garage to see if the dog car will be accepted in part exchange for something that functions. Oh, and the pool people will need to come and close everyhting up until next April.
Over breakfast the 'font' rather saucily points out a report in the Corriere. The Italian Prime Minister is suing a Spanish newspaper for printing claims by some of his former 'lady' friends that he has 'gentlemans problems' (how delicately put) that can only be treated by injection. The newspaper informs us that he is willing to stand up in court 'to prove once and for all and without a shadow of doubt' that he is not impotent and not in need of any medical assistance. Oh the joys of Italian politics. Why worry about the recession or Afghanistan!


MAX said...

Hey there, Angus
Well you are full of all sorts of ramblings this morning!...must be the change in seasons!
Here in South AFrica, we can always spot the foreigners (or rather Europeans!)a mile off - they are the ones with a distinctive red face, 'glow' streaming down their necks and all decked out in "Safari" gear (albeit NOT SA Safari gear!). It's particularly amuzing to see the females of our species - leopard skin scarves and tons of bling! We know that any of that would surely scare the game off! They are indeed a game ranger's nightmare: Their purfume makes elephants balk and antelope run! Oh, it's very funny!
Anyway, the cold weather..we are sorry for you and glad for us!!! Mind you, I must say that with the "kilt" training you have probably received, you shouldn't really be feeling it! I take it, you personally are heralding in the cooler climate - you are, in your writing, charged for action. :) We would be scared working for you in your olive grove!
But the boys!? Well, they do indeed look wonderful and also readying themselves for all the changes.
Have an awesome day and please recommend to those Italians that a cuppa "Chai" latte normally does the trick!
Regards and lots of licks
(I will keep saying, so that you will hear me loud and clear:-

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey pals, glad to hear the weather is finally doing a turn around and that horrid hot spell is on it's way out. We suffer terribly in the heat.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Winchester whisperer said...

And it's actually hot over here today

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, can anyone get a ticket to that particular court proceeding? Should be most entertaining.

Yes, dog smiles are abounding here with the cooler weather. Edward staying out in the back garden last evening, surveying his world and so obviously happy for the change in the weather.

I am curious. Did you leave Scotland in search of warmer climes??

Angus said...

Max - Amazing how a chill wind suddenly makes you realize how much there is to do around the house , hence the ramblings- must be a very primeval response to the onset of winter.

Noah - You and Wilf and Digby all suffer. Must be something to do with wearing a fur coat all year round.

WW- Enjoy it while it lasts. Loved your' Dear Mary' post about the spider.

PT&E - Scotland is the perfect place to live apart from one major drawback - the weather. So yes, we fled after a summer of constant rain. PON's and rain aren't a great combination for dog or owner.