Sunday, 13 September 2009

Trying it on.

Wilf has recovered from the trauma of his wasp sting. This morning he was charging around the garden playing with his little brother and showing no sign of distress. When he came indoors for breakfast it was a different story. He held out his paw and put on his best orphan dog look. Wilf clearly remembered that he got a mass of attention and two of his favourite wheat free treats when he'd done this routine the night before. PON's are inherently clever when it comes to soliciting for food and Wilf is undoubtedly one of the canine worlds great actors.
Both boyz are still in their summer skinhead haircuts and Digby is finding the mornings chilly. It gets up to the low 30's in the early afternoon but at daybreak the mercury is down in the low teens. After his morning exercise he retreats to his bed and plonks himself down, refusing to move until the sun comes round and warms up his limbs.
The removal firm came to quote for the packing and shipping yesterday. Although our adventure is still some time in the future I begin to feel that first sense of panic that comes when you realise how much still has to be done, how little time there is and how unprepared you are. This week I'm off travelling with the 'font' to see the new house for the first time. As we've already put down the deposit I would have been quite happy see it on the day we move in but the 'font' has made it quite clear that this is a joint choice and my input is mandatory - no discussion. The boyz will be going into the kennel for a night.


MAX said...

Dear Angus
This is an attempt to create some unfair suspense!
Im hoping, perhaps, that you have South Africa in mind, but then again, if the boyz are being kennelled just for one night, our hopes are dashed.
We wait, in suspense, for more clues.
Yes, and us dogs are masters in manipulation! Well done Wilf!
Lots of licks

KB said...

I agree with Max. Somehow, I'd totally missed that you're moving. Don't the boyz get a say on the house? How unfair... :)

Angus said...

Max - If you think it's unfair suspense spare a thought for those of us who've still got to see it! We thought of Pletteberg Bay and nearly bought in Llandudno beyond Camps Bay but it was just too far.

KB - You can be sure this house has been chosen with the boyz in mind - fenced yard, no immediate neighbours ...

Mack and Sally Ann said...

You can't leave your beloved pool. Mack