Sunday, 6 September 2009

The last of the 'splosh' games?

The two boyz are in fine fettle this morning. Quite unexpectedly a breeze, bordering on a wind, has sprung up. PON's love wind and Wilf and Digby were out at the crack of dawn zigzaging around in the courtyard aimlessly tracking the scents of all the animals that have wandered by overnight. After their high speed , nose down, endeavours they are now stretched out in the garden, head on into the wind, ears streaming behind them - canine bliss after the six weeks of unrelenting heat.
The human component of the family is less happy. The morning dip in the pool proved to be rather more enervating than planned. Overnight the water temperature has fallen, sharply,and there was an audible intake of breath followed by a less than gentlemanly exclamation when water and body met - my heart rate went skyrocketing with the shock. A full and immediate cardio-vascular workout. The boyz of course find the morning dip to be one of the highlights of the day - lap 'splosh', another lap 'splosh'. How long could they play this game without tiring?
In the village the last of the tourists have gone, the Americans and British owners of summer houses packed up and back in London and DC for the start of the new school year. The bar which receives six copies of the Herald Tribune in summer for sale to the foreign residents is back to getting our solitary copy from the distributor. The barrista , having discovered that the Trib is the NY Times in disguise, assumes perhaps reasonably that the 'font' and I are American - why else would we buy an American paper? Hence the incomprehensible questions that get thrown at us as we order the morning espresso "How the Yankees doin ?" - " You rootin for da Cubs". The 'font' enters into the spirit of it and now replies to the questions with the equally uninteligible response 'six for nothing in the final innings' . The barrista uncomprehending, nods sagely, satisfied at having practised his English, the 'font' chuckles inwardly (and sometimes outwardly) at the inanity of it, and I'm just glad no English speaking sports fan ever overhears this gibberish.
The dog car is to be replaced. The electrics seem to have developed a mind of their own with the rear windows showing a rather disconcerting habit of gliding down,and then up again,randomly and unexpectedly. This absence of human agency is a clear sign to me that the solution is going to be costly and recurrent. A MINI wagon gets 70+ miles to the gallon , has a carbon footprint smaller than a sparrows, and just enough room for the two boyz in the back. We'd go to the garage today to order one but Italy and the Hebrides follow similar guidelines when it comes to Sunday opening.


kks said...

say it isn't so...the end of splosh for the summer?
yes, it is that time of year....all the students are back at the univ. of wis.....first home football game, a lot of kids wondering red and white (school colors)
have a great rest of the weekend!

Angus said...

kks - If not the last splosh game then pretty close to it - Autumn has arrived and you'd need to be a really dedicated swimmer to be going in the pool for very much longer.The pool company will get a call to come and close everyhting up this coming week. Hope work isn't too sad today.

MAX said...

Hey there, Angus!
We haven't forgotten you! We have been out tongue-wagging with a zillion family members (all day!). Unfortunately we don't have a family tree - we have a family forest!!! But its fun anyway!
Yours is the first blog to be opened on our return - that's how inviting your prose is! Yes, and I was sharing your photo's with all and sundry - albeit verbally! Just to be told that there is a tour being arranged to Italy next year (by some enterprising friends of mine). Sadly we don't have those kind of funds, so we'll have to make do with your blog! (If you didn't notice - that was a compliment!)
Anyway...about the cultural divide...that always makes exciting interaction. He sounds friendly though and, at the end of the day, perhaps that's all that matters. As they say universal language comprises smiles and music!
As regards your stagnant pool: We reluctantly apologise for draining your summer. It's true bliss here in SA at the moment. We have skipped spring totally - today's temp around 30 degrees.
Cuddles to the boys!

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Will you keep the pool open? Y'all remind my Mommy of the couple from A Year in Provence. They had a pool also, but apparently the picinist had to do some work to get ready to swim in.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Goodness, they do remind me so very much of Edward. It's uncanny sometimes. I wonder? Like Edward, is their fur soft, and does it continue to grow? Do they need a clip now and then?