Monday, 28 September 2009

Summer returns.

We're still being rationed to one picture a day by the blogger gremlin - so here's a view of Digby demonstrating the aerodynamic properties of his ears while Wilf looks on. It was a wonderful late summer day yesterday with the temperatures reaching 30 and with a stiff, warm wind blowing away the post rain humidity.The two boyz were as happy as two dogs could be.

The British Polish Lowland Sheepdog magazine , the Nizziny, arrived in the Saturday evening post. From the latest edition I discovered that :

PON's (Polski Owczarek Nizziny) are now called PLS's ( Polish Lowland Sheepdogs). That makes life much simpler.

Wilf and Digby's father has died at the age of 13. He is described as having passed onto 'his progeny a superb gentle nature and love of games'. That would be Wilf 100%. As for Digby he must take after his mother. The 'font' wondered over a late evening glass of wine whether the boyz would know their brothers and sisters if they were to meet them again after 8 years or whether they would just think they were just any other dog? Scent would be a big factor.

The magazines health officer has written an article with the follwing line " We fear the breed will become short coated and owners will start to cut the hair over the eyes therefore risking injury to the eyes". We trim the boyz coats to help them cope with the summer heat and to make it easier for them to work with me in the fields without constantly getting caught up in seeds and branches- the coat grows long again with any apparent problems or deterioration . As for trimming the hair over their eyes we've always done this as it seems to make them more relaxed if they can easily see what is going on around them. When we left it long Digby, in particular, would sometimes be startled and would be overly defensive. Is the danger of eye damage real?


kks said...

only if you poke the eye with the scissor!
enjoy the day...

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

It's interesting to me that Digby became over defensive when his hair was longer over his eyes. I have been having some sibling rivalry among my two Scottie girls - and both of them desperately need their "bangs" trimmed over their eyes. I wish that would stop this incessant fighting!!

As always it is quite a pleasure to see Wilf and Digby.

Have a wonderful day.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I keep the fur over Edward's eyes trimmed, although it grows amazingly fast. He seems much more engaged and happy when he can see all around him.