Friday, 18 September 2009

Off to the kennels.

This morning we're heading off together to see the new house. In addition to packing for ourselves, travel brings with it the logistical nightmare of getting the boyz ready to go into the kennels for a night . So far the day has been a whirl of activity with the 'font' packing and washing their bowls, measuring out food and trying to find their harnesses.Why we didn't do it all last night I'll never know.
We'll be back tomorrow with pictures of our new home.


kks said...

love that last picture of one of the dogs in the background, so funny....i bet the dogs are excited, until they realize that you won't be staying with them in the kennel! look forward to the pictures..

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I'm anxious for the unveiling of the new home.

They boys look very sad in the first picture - they know something is up.

MAX said...

Hey there, Angus
We're thinking of you all as you begin your transition. We hope too that it will be a smooth one. Wilf and Digby...we love you and hope you lap up your new quarters - the the temporary ones and the permanent one to follow!
...and to the 'font' - consider yourself handed a glass of delectable, satistying and tempering SA wine!
Lots of good wishes to you all.

ps. Tanker undate:
According to 702 eye-witness news, the salvage operation is going smoothly:
400 000 litres successfully removed.
200 000 litres to go. Operations suspended for the moment - due to the weather, but everyone hopeful.
The "Cape of Storms" waves her flag!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

good luck guys!!! fantastic pics as usual! love reading about your adventure...