Thursday, 17 September 2009

The prospective buyer.

A prospective buyer came to see the house yesterday so a mad rush tidying up and hiding things away in cupboards and drawers. Lots of flowers suddenly appeared courtesy of the 'font'. The boyz were told to be on their best behaviour and for once sat in the garden looking angelic - I couldn't believe how well behaved they were but it was probably helped by giving each of them a hide chew. As a result the showing seemed to pass of well. A call came from the agent last night with a very cheeky bid - which we refused. I know markets are weak but they're not that weak. We've told him to carry on showing the house and arranging viewings.
A huge thunderstorm at midnight with lots and lots of driving rain - exactly what's needed after the long dry summer. The trees are already looking fresh and invigorated this morning .Nothing can replicate the benefits and efficiency of a good rainstorm.
Off to the comune for a day of talking to the local bureaucrats and trying to make sure we're progressing with getting all the documents and permits in order. We still seem to be stuck in a parallel universe when discussing the original builders receipts for a two thousand year old piece of real estate. I'm allowing for a month from getting an offer to moving - the Italians all think this is a ridiculously truncated timeframe and suggest allowing three to four months. No way.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I learned a long time ago not to accept the first bid unless it is really close to the asking price. If the prospective buyer wants your place bad enough, there will be a counter offer. It sounds like you have the idyllic life - purchasing a home, selling and moving on when you see fit. Enjoy your life!!


KB said...

2000 year old piece of property! That's amazing to imagine.

Angus said...

RCSJ - It's the great thing about having given up work and down sized. Having put the deposit down on the new house all we have to do now is sell this one!

KB - The wonders of Italy!