Tuesday, 1 September 2009

When your brother ignores you - cuddle a sheep.

Cooler weather arrived yesterday with the thermometer holding steady around 35 degrees. The two boyz seemed positively energised by the return of relatively mild conditions. Wilf went racing down the drive,ears trailing in the slipstream, after a rabbit that wandered out of the lavender beds - he showed a turn of speed and agility that surprised me, the rabbit, and possibly himself. I didn't think the old fellow still had it in him.
One of the most interesting things about having two brothers from the same litter is just how completely different their characters can be. This facet of canine psychology certainly holds true with the two boyz. Wilf is fiercely independent, sometimes forgets to run around things preferring instead to run through them, and is always up for an adventure. If Wilf is an athlete Digby by contrast can perhaps better be described as an aesthete. Yes, he likes to play catch and will happily participate in the 'splosh' game but his real love, apart from eating, being the centre of attention and having endless cuddles,is to find a soft toy and retire with it into a quiet corner away from the rumbustious antics of his older sibling. He spent much of yesterday down by the pool in sweet communion with a stuffed sheep from which he would not be parted - despite Wilfs best efforts to steal it from him. Digby has learnt that the only way to cope with his brothers brawn is to outsmart him.
The British Prime Minister has announced this morning that as a result of his policies the worst of the economic crisis is behind us and that growth will return at the end of 2009. That's ok then. I wonder when the campaign for next years elections will begin? Surely, only a cynic would assume it's already started.


MAX said...

Hey there, Angus
I just have to say that I am inspired by your writing. Thank you and yes - I AM green with envy.
Your two pooches are indeed adorable. It makes life so interesting when they are so different, but, of course, their similarity comes in the devotion to their master - which they obviously share.
And yes, there are rumblings this end too about the upturn of the economy. We'll see about that.
Take care
Caryl (Max's Mom) in South Africa.
PS. Im not sure if you are interested, but I have another - more private blog where I also practice my writing.

Vickie H. said...

Angus, I have discovered you through Susan Black @ 29 Black Street and I must confess that visiting your blog is a new daily guilty pleasure! Those two furry babies that keep company with you and yours have definitely stolen my heart away, as has your gorgeous prose. My husband and I are very active dog rescuers in Texas and we love to be seduced by the sweet faces of well-loved canines! I look forward each day to your latest offering on life with Wilf & Digby!

Angus said...

MAX - Thank you - I'll be visiting the private blog - it's so kind of you to share it.

Vickie H - welcome. I stand in awe of those of you who work with abused or abandoned dogs you must have the hearts of lions and the strength of angels.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

For Edward, it's his frog...or his dolphin. Both squeak when he bites them, which of course only adds to his delight. Apple prefers balls and her delight can be found in pushing the balls up under furniture then asking us to please get them back for her. Over and over.

shane rocket said...

Digby old boy keep that crazy bro away from that sheep!!! :)

Mack and Sally Ann said...

I want a sheep like that. What lucky little dogs you are. My Mommy won't let me play with those. She says I destroy all my toys. I don't know why, all I do is love my toys. Sometimes that means taking the stuffing out. Why is that bad, I don't know.
Sally Ann

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium