Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tractor tyres - Wilfs first task of the day.

Wilf is sound asleep on the doorstep contentedly warming himself in the early morning sun. He followed me through the olive groves bright and early,sniffing the porcupine scents and generally making sure that everything on the farm was to his satisfaction. His first duty in the morning is to christen all the tractor tyres - job accomplished he then runs to catch up with me, ears trailing behind him. He gets completely lost in the wonders of the morning walk and every so often looks up from his olfactory explorations to find that I've walked fifty yards further on.There's then a huge rush to catch up with me before he gets lost in his thoughts again and the process is repeated over and over . He is a gentle, amiable character whose greatest sorrow is being separated from his family. We shall need to take extra time to reassure him that all is well and that his place in the family hierachy is secure when the packers move in. Digby decided it was far too early to be out and about and settled at the farm gate awaiting our return.
The Italian Prime Minister has done it again. Returning from the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh he told a rally of his supporters that he was bringing greetings from someone in the United States. "What's his name? Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama. You won't believe it but he and his wife sunbathe together because the wife is also tanned". Is there no one in his entourage who can explain the term bad taste?


MAX said...

Hi Angus
I loved your descriptions of Wilf this morning...they seem to echo our experiences here.
Hope you are well and dealing with all the changes (happily)
MAX's mom in SA

kks said...

tanned? always a good thing....

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah yes, we had eight years of cringing at the morning paper with our past president. I know how you feel.

KB said...

Wilf sounds like such a character. Great description.

Maybe the Prime Minister doesn't know that our President is not caucasian? We do know how you feel - Bush's statements over the previous 8 years were so embarrassing to many of us American citizens.

But, you're moving to a new country, right? So, you won't have to feel like the Italian Prime Minister is speaking for you.

Angus said...

Max - Thanks for your kind thoughts. I can tell you this I ain't moving again - ever!

kks - positive and upbeat as always

PT&E - Thankfully he's not my Prime Minister but it still makes me cringe. Like living back in the 50's.

KB - If he doesn't know should he be PM? You're right we soon won't bother.