Monday, 7 September 2009

A pre-Labor Day bath. Technical problems posting.

For some reason Blogger is reluctant to take both pictures and text this morning.

Hopefully, the pictures of the two boyz reluctantly having a pre-Labor Day bath will appear. We try not to wash them too often,as it dries out their skin,but the older they get the more necessary regular immersion and rigorous scrubbing become. The look on Digby's faces sums up the grim stoicism with which he endured this torment. On the upside, both Wilf and Digby have learnt that they get a chew after the trial by water is over. They were soon sprawled out on the grass munching contentedly away being fluff dried by the warm afternoon wind. Two greyish smelly creatures have been replaced by two miniature, shining white,scented polar bear lookalikes.

Will try to write more fully tomorrow if this technical glitch disappears.


MAX said...

Hey there Angus, Digby & Wilf,
We are about to embark on a similar mission at this end of the world. Fluffy pooches have another role - soaking up all the dust around! This is especially the case just before our spring rains when their fur acts like a magnet to anything floating around. So...hopefully by the end of this day, we too will have cleaner canines!
Sorry to hear about your technical glitches. It's most frustrating allround, but seems to be part of blogging life!
(try this for catharsis: urrrrrrrgh!)
Thankfully the pictures are posted and we have had the opportunity of staring at your two boys in their new designer attire! They seem quite contented!
Have a happy day.
Lots of licks

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah yes, that is one sad face.
It's bath day sometime this week for us as well. Although my two get blown dry. By me. Spoiled? A bit.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Blogger can be so frustrating - I have more trouble with uploading pictures than any other aspect of it. And I always reformat my pictures to make them smaller.

Loved the first bath photo!! What a look.

Have a wonderful day.


♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Our momma would like you to know that she has been having troubles with blogger, too. What's up? Sometimes momma gets really and really frustrated!

Mack and Sally Ann said...

They look clean. We go to the dog groomers where we get blow dried. Mommy says she can't bathe Mack at home because he has so much hair.
Sally Ann

Angus said...

Max - Blogger was particularly annoying having dumped the post 3 times . The foreshortened 4th post finally went! More Grrrr! than urrrrgh!

PT&E - the boyz believe blow dryers like vacuum cleaners to be works of the devil. Good luck if you can get within a 100 yds of these two to dry them off.

RCS&J - Yes, that look sums it all up.

Da fambly - Thank you - thankfully it seems to work 99% of the time.