Saturday, 26 September 2009

A partial victory.

A partial victory over technology. After much effort the satellite link has been momentarily restored and we've managed to connect with Blogger . As if by magic (and some less than gentlemanly expletives while waiting for something to happen) one photograph of Wilf's smiling face has appeared . The other photos of Paris and of Digby that were posted at the same time have evaporated into the ether. The problem seems to be with the Italian satellite provider whose service alternates between the merely mediocre to downright awful - the uplink speed needed for posting has slowed to a sub-snail pace.
Paris was at its most beautiful. Sunny, warm, and the gentlest of breezes which made walking an absolute delight. This time I stayed,as I do when I'm not on business, at the Pavillon de la Reine on place des Vosges - without a doubt one of the most beautiful townscapes in Europe. When I got back home on Friday night the 'font' and I had a long discussion about which city we prefer - Paris or Rome. Paris is beautiful, stylish, chic and in the Haussmann planned arrondissements very,very formal. By contrast Rome is chaotic, unplanned, and its cultural jewels are scattered around with a casual disregard. The 'font' opted for Paris (could the shopping be something to do with it?) while I opted for Rome. The discussion as to whether French or Italian cuisine is the better is ongoing and unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.
Wilf and Digby are in fine fettle. Their welcome on Friday evening when I walked through the door was nothing short of ecstatic. A combined 45 kilo mass of fur, cold noses and pink tongues hurtled through the air at me as soon as they registered my presence.When the boyz get really excited their entire rear ends start to move independently of their front ends . The front legs move forwards but the back legs follow a strange trajectory that sweeps from side to side and up and down at one and the same time.After eight and a half years the 'font' and I still end up laughing out loud at their antics.
The move is now less than three weeks away. At breakfast this morning the 'font' handed me a sheet of paper and informed me that household effects can't be lumped together but need to be listed item by item for the removal company. What in heavens name are household effects? Who came up with that name? Anyway, there goes my Saturday morning.


kks said...

get busy listing those effects! and try to have a relaxing weekend....:)

MAX said...

Hey Angus

It's wonderful that you have some connection with us cyber-folks! We miss you when you are not around!
That description of the boyz's welcome leaves us in a state of quivering laughter too...there is no comparable exhuberance thaN a dog who has missed you!...we call ours the "Welcoming committee!"

Anyway, good luck with all your plans. (I personally am aeroplane phobic, so haven't as yet visited neither Rome nor Paris...sounds wonderful though)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Canine welcomes are the best in the world, aren't they?

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Sounds like you have a job ahead of you - I'd hate to be listing my household effects.

Hope the move goes well.


Angus said...

kks - all listed. Amazing how much stuff one collects in life!

Max - don't speak too soon , the connection is far from secure.

PT&E - With the exception of the 'fonts' - yes. Having said that the font isn't noted for quivering all over when I return.

RCS&J - Only another 3 weeks of this to go and then we'll be on the road

opakowana said...

I, a follower/reader of your blog when time allows (combination of love for things Italian AND PLSs made me discover your blog), still don't really know WHY you're moving..the only reason I'd find for myself is too much heat in the summer....but wherever you go I'll keep on reading ;)