Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The 500th post on a perfect day.

One of those mornings when you're grateful to be alive. Blue skies, scattered clouds, no humidity and the refreshing hint of a breeze. The boyz led on ahead up the hill, not even bothering to register their irritation at my laggardly pace. Four paws fast, two paws slow.
And then one of those country experiences that halts you in your tracks. Barely three hundred meters from the farm gate there came hundreds; not scores, not a hundred, but hundreds of darting swallows cavorting barely inches above the ground. The boyz and I stood, clustered together as this weaving, pirouetting,chirping wheen flew backwards and forwards inches from our ears. A private display of pure aerial mastery. Young ones flocking together,pumped up ahead of their long flight south,keen to show off their flying skills to their spellbound audience. Swallows are masters of play - natures uncontained and uncontainable jesters. As suddenly as they arrive, they went, determined to be cracking on.
When we lived in Scotland the swallows used to swoop around the two boyz enticing the young pups ( as they were then) to chase them, allowing them to get tantalazingly close before suddenly pulling up and barrel rolling into the sky. Both dogs and swallows would play this game for five,sometimes ten minutes without pause - a hilarious comedy routine that came,literally,out of the blue.
A perfect day became more than perfect.
Today is the 500th post - I thought it was a few days ago but had failed to allow for drafts that had never been published. The coming few weeks herald the next stage on our journey through Europe. Life is like riding a horse - sometimes you need to get back into the saddle and decide the direction of travel rather than ambling along . At least that way you have some chance of knowing your destination.


MAX said...

Dear Angus,
Let me be the first to congratulate you on your 500th post! (How does one track these things anyway?)
I love your descriptions of those birds. We are waiting for them this end and can just imagine what they are up to there. In Autumn (here) each year, they decorate our telephone lines and electrical overhead cables. We know then too that it signifies the start of the chill.

Well, it seems that you have things to do, somewhere in Europe(?). Please sometime share whatever journey you are on. We'd love to be involved.
Have an awesome day.
Lots of licks
ps We are going to be 'entertaining' some virtual tourists on our blog in the next couple of days. The main action is elsewhere (on Mango's blog), but we are in the 'rebuttle' seat...if you are interested. (Such things stir the creative spirit turbulently!)

kks said...

congrats on 500! love the visual on the birds...have a great day.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What a beautiful post - CONGRATS on the 500th.

I had never thought of swallows being playful before, but your description certainly does them justice - they do like to tease.

Have a wonderful dayl

Winchester whisperer said...

Where are you moving to?

shane rocket said...

awesome, just awesome.... can't wait for the next 500.. hugs to the boys.

Angus said...

Max - The departure of the swallows is one of those rare occasions when I feel a little sad - it marks with clear finality the rolling over of the year into winter. You will learn of our next move in a couple of weeks.

kks - the 'font' says to have got to 500 in nine months must mean I've developed a new form of communicating - wittering!

RCS&J - they fly over the pool, swooping low to drink. Drives the boyz crazy.

WW - a work in progress. We seriously gave thought to Broadway but three trips back house hunting and the 'font' knew that it had to be somewhere warmer and drier.All we need is warmth and law and order.