Sunday, 20 September 2009

Back from the kennels.

The boyz are back from the kennels. From the unbridled enthusiasm with which we were greeted I can assume that they did not enjoy their time away. Even Digby,with his sore hip,managed to fly into the car, covering the 30 metres or so between the kennel door and the car door in one bound. The journey back was done to the accompaniment of happy PON howling - the two of them slept soundly for twelve hours without stirring once in the night.
We saw the new house - of which more tomorrow. The 'font' has seen it four times before but this tiny advantage didn't seem to help with the en route navigation. We were on the motorway from the airport heading south when I helpfully ventured to point out that we wanted to be going north. This fact did not deter the 'font' who lives by the mantra that it's getting there, not how you get there that matters.
On the return journey our flight was scheduled to depart at the crack of dawn so we opted to stay at the airport hotel. It had a good restaurant, and even better wine list. These factors compensated for the interior decor which looked as though it was designed by the same firm that does the stage sets for episodes of Star Trek. Why is it whenever I stay in an airport hotel there is always a group of Taiwanese tourists on the same corridor who depart,slamming their doors in the process at 3.51 am? Is sleep really possible in these places?
The hunters are back this morning blasting away 20 metres from our front door ( even though the law says a minimum of 150 meters) .Wilf has never recovered from hearing the gun shots in April and is lying curled up into a ball under the kitchen table. If ever I had doubts about moving they have been dispelled!


MAX said...

Hey there, Angus
Amidst all this change, one thing remains unalterred...
..The demonstration of total euphoria when reunited with a loved one!
We look forward to seeing your new home.
Have a good rest in the meantime (if you can)
Max's Mom in South Africa

ScrapsofMe said...

Gosh! Get busy a moment and the world changes without you! I did not realize you were moving!! I think the last time I peeked in on the boyz was around our Labor Day holiday. Was this a sudden decision or something planned all along? I can't wait till the reveal.
Bonnie the wee Scottie