Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Doing the impossible - finding dog friendly hotels.

It took a full day working the phone and googling like crazy but finally I found hotels across Europe that would take the two boyz . Even more amazingly late last night, just as I'd started to despair, we spoke to someone who was willing to rent their house to us while the legal work is finalized - they love animals and the property has a fenced 2 acre field for the boyz to run wild in. Eureka! Even more amazingly it's only 20 minutes away from where we want to be. The number of people who wouldn't accept dogs in case they scratched the furniture or peed on the carpet,or worse,was quite dispiriting. I did my best to explain that the boyz were house trained and that we'd gladly pay for an damage but 90% of hotels and rental homes would have none of it.
There is a huge business opportunity for someone to write a guide to dog friendly hotels- the most popular European website for travellers with dogs simply lists every city centre Holiday Inn. No offence to the wonderful folks at Holiday Inn but the last thing I want to do with the two boyz is drive for six hours, navigate through lunatic driving to the centre of some unknown continental metropolis, park four blocs away,face a set of revolving doors leading onto a crowded lobby and then navigate to a 42nd floor room in a crowded elevator with Wilf and Digby in tow.After that scratched furniture or peeing on the lobby carpet would be the least of my worries.
The boyz, oblivious to all this activity on their behalf, are sprawled contentedly outside. For once Digby has managed to get the ball and is holding onto it determinedly between his front paws. Every five minutes or so Wilf lets out a half bark, half whine to let Digby know that it's time to let it go.
Apologies again for those of you who don't see their comments on the blog. For some reason I pressed the publish button and promptly everyhting disappeared into the ether.


MAX said...

Hey there Angus
Sounds like and emotional tornado to me!...just don't implode!
Your concern for your two furry loved-ones is totally endearing! I really hope all your plans go smoothly...then you can settle down and write and write and write! We look forward to reading anything you can give us.
ps The Boss (who is in CT at the mo') says that it seems that salvage operations are going to plan. All the hazards are being pumped out. I suppose, because things are on track, we hear no news. ..old adage: No news is good news!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We hope you find wonderful places to stay - we know what it's like - we can never find a place that will accept 4 dogs so we usually end up kenneling, but when you are moving that is not an option. I guess you've tried Bed and Breakfast options and looked for locals who rent rooms in their homes.

You might want to look at Rick Steves website - he has a lot of tips for European travel.

Best of luck,

Angus said...

Max - Thanks. It's not yet a tornado of any description but as the days count down to the move juggling lawyers, agents, movers, dogs, family et al becomes increasingly fraught!

RCSJ - 4 dogs would be a logistical nightmare to travel with unless you have a Winnebago. 2 is bad enough.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh yes. How well I know this scenario. Amazingly enough, the last time we were in Scotland every single hotel we stayed in welcomed dogs. It was wonderful to come down in the morning for breakfast and see them all sitting there. Unfortunately, getting our two over the pond is the problem. Twelve or more hours in the luggage compartment? I do not think so!

Here in the states, we rarely can find hotels willing to accommodate our dogs. People look at you as though you requested something revolting most of the time, although I am happy to say some of the higher end hotels are changing. We have had some luck with small inns, and have rented houses occasionally. But we do have a wonderful dog sitter who comes to the house and stays with them, and believe me, we give this woman wonderful Christmas presents!

Angus said...

PT&E - a dog sitter. How I envy you. Having said that it wouldn't do us much good when moving house.