Tuesday, 7 April 2009

25 degrees - Spello was looking charming

We've moved straight into summer. It's 25 degrees outside at the moment. Faced with this sudden onslaught of heat the boyz have been dosed with Frontline. We don't really like to use chemicals on them unless it's really needed but in this heat it is a necessity to keep the ticks off. Where the ticks come from we can't imagine but the vet tells us the porcupines are covered in them at this time of the year.Wilf has been playing in the dandelions and his legs have turned a rather alarming bright yellow from their leaves!

Took our house guests to Spello just along from Asissi this morning . The town was looking absolutely charming. What was notable was the overwhelming lack of tourists just ahead of the peak Easter holiday - we were able to park in the main square and there were plenty of empty spaces. It looks as if this season is going to be very,very bad for the hotels and restaurants.

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