Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another tremor

Wilf was awake at 1.14 this morning with the house shuddering with another aftershock from the Abruzzo earthquake. Everyone else slept through it. It's the sound that surprises me - all of a sudden there is a whoosh that grows in volume and then suddenly stops. The best way of describing it is like a really heavy fall of snow sliding off a roof. Sadly, the death toll looks as though it's going to rise above 150.Was amazed at the number of messages from friends and colleagues from around the world who e-mailed or texted to see if we were alright. People are basically kind.

Have just finished 'Naked' a collection of essays by David Sedaris - his third book. It's a bit rawer than the first two - 'Me Talk Pretty' and 'Dress your Family in Corduroy' -which I really enjoyed. The final two chapters about his mother and his trip to a nudist colony in Scranton , of all places, are the best. I can see why he has become one of the 'must read' American authors.Have started on a biography of Dean Acheson which is very worthy.

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