Saturday, 4 April 2009

Out chasing the breeze all day.

The boyz have had a great day out in the fields since seven this morning until now. Wilf has recovered from his stomach problem and is fighting fit and raring to go . He has been hurtling through the fields like an overgrown puppy bounding after birds, lizards, and anything else that grabs his attention - naturally 20 kilos of un-aerodynamic dog in motion fails to catch anything but does manage to flatten the grass. It is a relief to see him fully recovered. Having dogs as members of the family is not the norm here. Most of the local dogs are regarded as working animals and remain tethered day and night to protect the house or outbuildings. Having 'unproductive' dogs as companions is very much the exception and we and the boyz are looked upon as having 'strange' foreign habits.

The new US President has been a great hit on his trip through Europe. He has answered everything thrown at him in the press conferences with a calm, knowledgeable dignity and has outshone most of the European and NATO leaders with his command of detail. Am I alone in thinking that he comes across a bit like a careful, measured professor from a Liberal Arts College ? Certainly a very different style. The only President I can remember in recent years who was so much on top of his brief was Clinton and his style was certainly not that of a college professor.

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