Thursday, 16 April 2009

All barked out..time for a game.

The two boyz have spent the day contentedly yapping at the array of builders and workmen who have shown up to work in the house and garden. It is almost as if they feel they let the family down by not stopping the burglars from coming into the house. They are now over compensating by ensuring that no one will come within 50 yards of the front door without a cacophony of barking. Interestingly, for two such independent dogs they now like to keep within eye sight of one of us.As soon as the last of the workmen go I'll take them out for half an hour of quality ball throwing time.
There is one of those strange warm winds blowing up from the Sahara which brings with it a lot of dust and promises a most amazing sunset. I'll try to take a picture if it lives up to expectations and post it later.

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