Sunday, 26 April 2009

Morning! Do I smell bacon?

Morning newspapers from the UK as gloom and doom laden as I've ever seen. The governments budget which was announced on Wednesday of last week is torn to shreds - the commentaries are caustic even in the papers that are generally supportive of the Prime Minister ! The basic premise seems to be that there will need to be stinging budget cuts across the board but they will not be implemented until after the next election by which time the remedies will need to be even more severe. To make matters worse in a week in which taxes were raised , MP's were debating awarding themselves a $225 per day allowance for just showing up to work. You couldn't make it up. We had dinner with American friends last night who were complaining about the state of the US economy - I suggested they should try coming to the UK for a while to get a feel for just how fortunate they are.

Italy provides a perfect palliative for the woes of life north of the Alps.The day has dawned bright and fair, the boyz are out at the fence barking at the last of the foxes scurrying back to their dens after a nights foraging,and we are about to sit down to pancakes and bacon.Worries about the world can wait until Monday morning.

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