Monday, 20 April 2009

Boston Legal and our unsophisticated ways.

Earlier this year we had an old friend from our student days in Atlanta staying here at the house. He now has a chair at a well known Boston University and was in Europe to arrange the publication of his latest book. We had a great time together visiting Orvieto,Perugia, and Spoleto and all the 'must do' cultural sites. However, come seven o'clock in the evening he was absolutely horrified to discover our dreadful little secret - come rain or high water we sit down in front of the television to watch our favourite show - Boston Legal. It is so tightly written and has a pace and subtle humour that is way better than anything a British series can serve up. It also seems to be a repository for every retired actor from the 70's and 80's - even Magnum made an appearance alongside Captain Kirk this past week - how retro and tongue in cheek is that ?. Anyway, it was beyond our friends comprehension that we could stoop to such mundanity when we're living in the middle of sun drenched olive groves with a view onto one of Italy's most unspoilt medieval towns. In his view we should be out on the terrace every evening watching the sunset ,painting or writing poems. We had to gently explain to him that when you live surrounded by cultural treasures the last thing you need of an evening is more of the same. He remains unconvinced.

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