Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Time for reflection

One of the new security gates was fitted yesterday but progress was laggardly and the others will have to wait until this afternoon. Just as we were getting ready to prepare dinner last night the Carabinieri arrived with more witness statements to sign. We have belatedly learnt that there is a wave of violent crime across Greece,Italy and southern France caused by gangs of former soldiers who fought in the Kosovo war. In the absence of any job opportunities at home they are now looking to use their particular skill sets to make a little extra money where they can.

The boyz started their day as they mean to carry on - carefree,happy and boisterous. Dog owners will have a better sense than most that animals can actually teach us things that can enliven and improve our outlook on life.

Walking through the olive groves I detected signs of a preadtor at work. I think we may have a wildcat which has come down from the mountains for food.

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