Thursday, 16 April 2009

Have we had breakfast?

It's a week exactly since the 'late unpleasantness' and the boyz are returning to a state of canine emotional equilibrium. Wilf slept solidly at the end of the bed from nine last night until six this morning. He didn't move an inch all night. I guess that is how dogs cope with trauma - sleep it off.
This morning we have the builders, the electricians, and the irrigation men here at the house - that should give the two boyz plenty to occupy them. The sight of the shooting has become quite a tourist attraction - all the workmen are very keen to see the bullet holes in the library bookcases. Everyone is very keen to impress upon us that violent burglaries are most un-Italian. I fear that as unemployment rises incidents of this type are likely to become more rather than less common - the simple lesson is security is a necessity not a luxury.

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