Friday, 3 April 2009

Nobody does 'glum' better than Wilf..

Wilf has had a sore tummy. We don't know whether it was an indigestible lizard that he managed to stalk and eat, the builders sandwiches or something unmentionable discovered and swallowed on the morning walk; but whatever it was he has been off his food for 36 hours. For Wilf to be off his food is a serious matter and boy, he let's you know it. Not that he complains. He simply lies in one of his favourite spots and refuses to move - the only sign that there is sentient activity in this immovable ball of fluff is the occasional movement of his eyes behind his fringe of hair. Thankfully, he is now much improved and the offending substance has worked its way through the system - somewhat explosively! It was almost exactly a year ago that he swallowed some poison left by hunters in the fields to kill foxes so we are both well versed in detecting the signs of distress. To celebrate his improved health Wilf managed to find a pile of manure that one of the local farmers had dressed his olive trees with. When he returned home from his lunchtime explorations he looked as bad as he smelt but after a bath he managed to eat a full bowl of kibbles. We can all relax.

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