Saturday, 18 April 2009

Digby pauses on his 6.00 am walk

The builders have shown up again - on a Saturday! At this rate of progress the new paving around the house may be laid by the start of summer and the gardens may stop looking like a battlefield. The boyz are much improved in spirit after last weeks scare and are back to spending their days contentedly irritating the builders. There is nothing that the workmen do that is not of immediate and compelling interest to the boyz - particularly is it involves digging up earth or shovelling sand. Wilf has now settled down in the courtyard to observe what is going and will be there until he detects signs that it is their lunch break at which point he will leap into activity and do his ' I've never been fed in my life' begging routine.The police came again last night and stayed for three hours - we were exhausted when they left at ten.Interestingly, if you are attacked by men wearing masks you are likely to forget the attack much more quickly than you would if you had seen their faces.

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