Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bliss .. an afternoon of hunting in the garden.

The boyz have spent a happy,if ultimately fruitless, afternoon hunting for lizards in the lower garden. We have been splitting our sides with laughter watching these two 20 kilo bundles of fur practising their 'stealth' techniques. Suffice it to say that any wildlife within a 500 metre radius will have heard them and disappeared long before the two troubadors ever see them . What they lack in finesse they try to make up for with enthusiasm - this hunting technique involves a variety of whines and other peculiarly canine noises culminating in the occassional bark of pure frustration. If you're not a dog owner you will never ever know the simple unallayed pleasure of living with two permanent clowns and always having a smile on your face!

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shane rocket said...

They are beautiful!!! such faces!