Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Returning to normal .... slowly.

Things are getting back to normal after the traumas of the last week. The two boyz, who have been receiving less attention than they normally do, are still very nervous. Wilf leaps up whenever he hears a noise while Digby has taken to barking at anything at all. Wilf used to sleep by the front door in the hallway but now takes himself up to the bedroom as soon as it gets dark. Nothing, but nothing will get him to move. Having the two boyz sharing our sleeping arrangements is a small price to pay! The locals continue to be everything you would hope for -people stop us in the street and express their horror and embarassment. Physical violence is a relatively recent arrival in Italy and people are genuinely horrified by what happened to 'incomers' who settled in their midst. It transpires that the gang has struck a number of local homes around here over the last two years but this is the first time they have actually fired their guns.

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