Monday, 20 April 2009

A pile of sand and a ball..what a great start to a day

The boyz were off happily sniffing the porcupine scents this morning which meant we had the time to look at what's going on in the fields rather than constantly playing ball with them. We planted wild lupins under the olives last year and they are now growing quickly and just starting to come into flower. If it works as planned the view from the house down to the river at the bottom of the hill should be spectacular in a months time with a huge blanket of scarlet coloured flowers running under the olives. Lupins are wonderful for putting natural nutrients back into the soil and also make wonderful animal fodder. By trying to be as organic as possible we've also had the joy of seeing the wild flowers re-establishing themselves in droves - on this mornings walk I saw wild orchids, grape hyacinths, several varieties of poppy and some stunning white flowers the name of which I shall have to look up.

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