Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Waiting patiently for a lizard

A stunning start to the day - blue skies, gentlest of breezes, thick dew on the grass,and the sun already giving off warmth. The boyz are absolutely soaked from muzzle to rump after their foraging in the long wet grass. Wilf has now settled down under the olive trees to see if he can pounce on any lizards that are scurrying up and down the tree trunks - he will sit there patiently focused on the task all morning unless called in

When we arrived with our friends at the restaurant in Montefalco last night the waitress told us that there had just been another major earth tremor that had rattled the bottles in the bar. Exactly what you want to hear as you're sitting down to eat. There was another tremor about an hour ago - as we're eighty miles away from Abruzzo it must be really frightening for the poor folk down there. The death toll has risen above 250 but they are still pulling people out of the wreckage.

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