Saturday, 21 March 2009

And still it snows...

Thank you to all our friends in Scotland who have sent heartfelt wishes telling us how warm the weather is. Be sure you are all off our Christmas card list! The weather here goes from bad to polar, and I'm afraid by putting them out on the terrace I've done to the pot plants what Hannibal did to Rome.
Wilf has been going mad stuck inside the house so has been allowed out to get his feet caked with snow. Digby being a gentler more reflective soul has retired to a wind free corner where he has hidden himself in a blanket and refused to move. He did manage a 400 metre walk to the gate but in doing so lost a ball and fell into a hollow full of very cold snow.
For our part any thoughts of going off to do some sight seeing have disappeared in preference to slumping in a chair and watching reruns of Will and Grace on Italian TV. The wine will be opened early tonight!

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