Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bevagna - not a tourist to be seen.

For some reason the satellite link decided to go on vacation yesterday. Repeated calls to the providers office failed to elicit any response but this morning everything seems to have returned to normal.
Both of us seem to have gone down with colds - the arrival of sunny weather has meant that we've been out and about in the fields oblivious to the chill winds that can still arrive unexpectedly. It's eight degrees this morning and will probably get up to twenty by three this afternoon - after that it cools down again surprisingly quickly.
To Bevagna for some shopping yesterday evening. For a Friday afternoon the town was unnaturally quiet.There is a really good, if somewhat pricey, restaurant called Redibis built into the cellars of what was the Roman amphitheatre.One of the joys of Italy is sitting in a two thousand year old building , looking out onto a garden that was the floor of the Roman circus.
Boyz are both well and enjoying the mild weather.

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