Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's still raining and Wilf is going stir crazy

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are not low maintenance companions. They are excellent members of the family, they are smart (as canines go), and they make phenomenal guard dogs. In return they require mental stimulation - not a quick two minute bout of ball throwing but a full heads up romp that lasts at least twenty minutes. It's been so wet that I've left them largely to their own devices today. Wilf was willing to go along with this but at three o'clock exactly he sauntered out into the orchard and plonked a ball down at my feet. He then stared at it until I came over and threw it for him. Forty minutes later both he and Digby are happily tired, toweled dry and ready for their afternoon nap.

I'm hoping that the weather improves soon so that we can put the boyz into the kennels and get down into Rome for a couple of nights. The posts might then become slightly more interesting. For the time being I'm here with the olives, the dogs, the hill and the rain.

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