Sunday, 22 March 2009

Roll on summer...

Have looked at the plants that came out of the greenhouse - sadly they all appear to have suffered greatly from the snow and the wind and nothing short of a miracle will save them. Quite what you do in a garden here is still a mystery - in winter it's every bit as cold as in the north of the continent and in the summer the soil bakes into a solid crust. No wonder gardens as the French and English understand them don't exist here. The plant best suited to these conditions appears to be rosemary.The boyz were up at 5.30 this morning with the wind whistling around the house - I don't object to getting up early for a walk the alternative would be staying in bed until lunchtime!

Read the NY Times and the UK press on line this morning. Can it be only 2 months since President Obama was inaugurated. From some of the criticisms it would seem that the days of a honeymoon period for a new President are long gone.Today's Corriera has on its front page an article saying that Europe must stick together as the financial crisis is now becoming an economic one which in turn could lead to political and social unrest - a cheerful thought over the cornflakes!

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