Thursday, 5 March 2009

At home with a frustrated Polish Lowland Sheepdog

It's raining again! In fact it's so wet it's a bit like being under a power shower. We managed a twenty minute walk at seven this morning but eventually the boyz coats had absorbed so much rain that even they decided that enough was enough and it was time to go in. The hallway is now ankle deep in towels that were used for a rigorous rubbing down. Digby is snoring away at the foot of the stairs but Wilf is pacing around looking for action and frustrated that he is indoors once again. Thankfully, my fellow dog keeper will be winging back from London tonight so the task of dog entertaining will be shared.

Read an interesting article about American clothes buying. It seems that Americans are no longer buying more clothes than they need. Two out of five regular foreign suppliers of clothing to US retailers have seen their volumes drop by at least 75%. This will have huge implications for the Milan fashion outlets.

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